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Black Road Bungalow, Castleisland, Kerry
Lovely Refurbished Bungalow for sale on the ever popular and convenient Black Road at Tullig in Cast...
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Woodchimes, Castleisland, Kerry
Large 5 bedroomed detached bungalow, on half acre of land, landscaped front garden, 2 bedrooms en-su...
BK House, Castleisland, Kerry
Very Large Bungalow, Converted 3 Flats and Warehouse. Up and Running and Furnished, Large Enclosed Y...
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Muingaminane Cottage, Castleisland, Kerry
2 Bedroom Cottage standing on 1 1/2 acres with greyhound kennels...
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Castleisland Area Description

Castleisland (in Irish Oileán Ciarraí, meaning "people of Ciar's island") is a town and commercial centre in County Kerry in south west Ireland. The town is renowned for the width of its main street. According to the 2011 Census, Castleisland has a population of 2,513.

Castleisland was described by one of its best-known citizens, journalist Con Houlihan, as "not so much a town as a street between two fields".

Castleisland was the centre of Desmond power in Kerry. The village got its name, Castle of the Island of Kerry, from a castle built in 1226 by Geoffrey Maurice (or de Marisco), who was the Lord Justice of Ireland during the reign of King Henry III. The island was created by turning the waters of the River Maine into a moat around the castle.

Sometime in the 120 years after its construction the castle was taken by the forces of the Earl of Desmond. It is known that in 1345 the castle was being held for the Earl of Desmond by Sir Eustace de la Poer and other knights when it was captured by Sir Ralph Ufford, Lord Justice of Ireland. Sir Eustace and the other knights were captured and executed. Little is known of the further history of the castle and few ruins are left of it today. The main ruin is the de Marisco tower, located behind some private houses at the western end of the town, on the Killarney Road.

Castleisland became twinned with the town of Bannalec in France on 14 August 2007

Source : Wikipedia

Castleisland House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2017-09-20 Kilcusnaun, Castleisland, Kerry € 160000
2017-09-16 Cahereens West, Castleisland, Co. Kerry € 207000
2017-08-25 Killegane, Castleisland, Kerry € 100000
2017-08-24 30 Clonnagh Ave, Bawnluskaha, Castleisland € 198000
2017-08-15 123 Upper Main Street, Castleisland, Co. Kerry, V92 RV0V € 50000
2017-08-09 109 Main St, Castleisland, Kerry, V92 A3K7 € 70000
2017-08-09 92 Main St, Castleisland, Kerry, V92 K372 € 116000
2017-08-03 7 College Road, Castleisland, Co Kerry, V92 NX70 € 60000
2017-07-21 34 The Avenue, Cahereen Heights, Castleisland, V92 E797 € 114000
2017-06-20 4 Clonough, Castleisland, Kerry, V92 N8P2 € 195000
2017-05-25 Limerick Road, Castleisland, Co Kerry € 36000
2017-05-18 Knockaridera, The Maum, Castleisland € 220000
2017-04-12 Apt 1, 40 Main Street, Castleisland, V92 YX30 € 95000
2017-03-07 Oconnell Demesne, Limerick Rd, Castleisland € 155000
2017-01-25 5 Clonough Dr, Limerick Rd, Castleisland € 191500
2016-12-21 18 The Meadows, Cahereen Heights, Castleisland, V92 TN60 € 97000
2016-12-13 7 Clonough, Castleisland, Kerry, V92 A5D0 € 205000
2016-12-13 College Rd, Castleisland, Kerry € 60000
2016-11-28 Reaglass, Castleisland, Kerry € 48000
2016-11-21 12 Castlecourt, Barrack St, Castleisland € 120000
2016-11-21 Clashgannive, Castleisland, Kerry € 240000
2016-11-09 31 Limerick Road, Castleisland, County Kerry € 33000
2016-11-08 7 Desmonds Ave, Castleisland, Kerry, V92 A5N5 € 30400
2016-10-27 10 Clonough Dr, Limerick Rd, Castleisland € 205000
2016-10-12 7 The Grove, Cahereen Heights, Castleisland, V92 T202 € 165000
2016-09-08 18 St Stephen's Park, Castleisland, Co Kerry, V92 FK24 € 65000
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